Author: Mitchell Trulli

17 Awesome Quotes For Every Entrepreneur

  1.  “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” -Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn.
  2. “There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” -Aristotle
  3. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” -Tony Robbins, Motivational Speaker
  4. “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” -Scott Belsky, Co-founder of Behance
  5. “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” -Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter.
  6. “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” -Farrah Gray, Businessman
  7. “It’s not about money or connections. It’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business. And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time.” -Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur
  8. “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” -Mark Twain, Author
  9. “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” -George Addair
  10. “If you had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” -Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company
  11. “If you’re not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business.” -Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s
  12. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” -Thomas Edison, Inventor
  13. “Fail often so you can succeed sooner.” -Tom Kelley, Ideo partner
  14. “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” -Ted Turner, Entrepreneur and Businessman
  15. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -Mark Twain, Author
  16. “Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds.” -Albert Einstein, Physicist
  17. “Business opportunities are like buses: there’s always another one coming.” -Richard Branson, Chairman and Founder of Virgin Group

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Characteristics of a Successful Startup

Sometimes it seems like everyone you know is somehow involved in a startup. However, despite their popularity, many startups struggle to ever takeoff. While every startup has its own unique challenges, you should definitely try to learn from those who have managed to find success.

Here are eight characteristics of successful startups that you should try to emulate.

Calculated Risk. Every decision has consequences. Successful startups are able to recognize potential outcomes and accurately calculate risk. Hasty decisions are never a good idea.

Persistence. Owning a startup is never easy. While most people recognize this, very few are prepared for the journey ahead of them. Successful startups are able to overcome countless obstacles and weather a seemingly constant onslaught of setbacks. It’s important to never lose your vision or passion. Persistence will pay off.

Customer Insight. Successful startups have an in-depth understanding of who their customers are and what they need. Intimate knowledge of your customer base helps in all aspects of your business. This is especially true for sales, marketing, advertising, product development, user experience, and branding.

Customer Service. The value of customer service cannot be overstated. Many successful startups have been able to gain traction because of their excellent customer service. If your customers feel valued, they’ll come back and become repeat customers. Exceptional customer service is hard to replicate, which makes it an effective tool for beating out competition.

Great Leadership. The importance of good leadership cannot be overstated. Even the most talented teams will struggle if leadership is lacking.

Valued Talent. Finding the right employees for your startup can be difficult. Unfortunately, many startups place too much emphasis on acquiring talent instead of retaining it. This can lead to a number of problems. Primarily, high turnover is expensive, demoralizing, and growth-inhibiting.

Positive Culture. If you want to win, you need to adopt a positive company culture. Successful startups are able to breed a positive environment throughout all levels of their organization.

Communication.  Poor communication can be devastating for a young business. It can strain relationships between employees and between you and your customers. Ultimately, successful startups are able to overcome communication barriers.

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